Milo's Cafe

Join us for a delicious cup of coffee, fresh baked treats and fluffy kitty cuddles!

Welcome to Milo's Cafe, Where Cats and Coffee Meet!

Indulge in a purr-fect blend of flavors at our cozy cat-themed cafe in the heart of Knoxville, TN. We offer a delightful range of coffee, tea, blenders, smoothies, and freshly baked goods that are sure to tickle your taste buds. But that's not all! Our cafe is also home to a few adorable resident cats who love nothing more than cuddles and attention. Feel free to pet and play with them as you enjoy your favorite beverages and treats. It's a unique experience that sets us apart from the rest. Whether you're a cat lover, a coffee enthusiast, or simply looking for a relaxing spot to unwind, Milo's Cafe is the purr-fect destination for you. Visit us today and join us in creating unforgettable moments filled with feline charm and delicious delights.


What Our Guests Say About Us

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I stumbled upon Milo's Cafe during a weekend getaway to Knoxville, and it was like finding a hidden gem! As a cat lover, I was immediately drawn to the cozy atmosphere and the adorable resident cats who welcomed me with purrs and playful antics.

- Stannis Baratheon

The coffee and pastries were simply divine, offering a perfect blend of flavors that left me craving more. But what truly sets Milo's apart is the unique experience of sipping my latte while petting a fluffy feline companion. It's a therapeutic escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

- Emma Rose

Where to Find Us

Nestled in the heart of downtown Knoxville, Milo's Cafe offers a charming retreat for coffee lovers and cat enthusiasts alike. Our location on Gay Street provides easy access to the vibrant energy of downtown, making us a perfect stop during your exploration of the city.

As you sip on our signature coffees and indulge in freshly baked treats, you'll find yourself surrounded by the bustling atmosphere of Knoxville's cultural scene. We're just a stone's throw away from popular attractions such as The Tennesse Theater, Market Square, and Worlds Fair Park, making Milo's Cafe a convenient pitstop.

Visit us today and discover why Milo's Cafe is a beloved destination in downtown Knoxville.